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The Secret to Finding Your Niche as a Circus Performer

Your niche is hiding in plain sight...

What if I told you that the secret to skyrocketing your career is to do less, serve fewer people, and charge more?

I’ll show you how niching down can make your competition irrelevant and help you attract premium clients.

Watch the video below to learn the EXACT STEPS and how finding your niche will transform your career in the wildest way ( speaking from experience )

Why Niching Down Matters

Niching down has allowed me to transition from feeling lost and attracting low-paying jobs to achieving global industry recognition, opening opportunities across multiple sectors, and building a highly profitable circus career with a retirement plan in place - and I was NOT the best Foot Juggler.

Here is the thing, without a clear niche, you risk blending into the crowd, struggling to get bookings, and undercharging for your talents and eventually, you give up.

What The Heck is a Niche?

Your niche isn’t just your skill or unique apparatus idea. It’s about who you serve. It’s a space in the industry with people who need what you do best and are willing to pay for it.

Having a clear niche helps you signal to the industry who you are for and who you are not for.

WARNING: It is HARDER for creatives to pick a niche!

You might worry that niching down will make you irrelevant to most clients. However, like your favourite coffee shop that caters specifically to your taste, niching down will attract dedicated clients who value your expertise and spread the word ( and pay the big bugs - trust me on this one )

Ready to Find Your Niche?

Watch the full video above and start using the secret power of niching down.

Thank you for showing up for your circus career. You are only a few small changes away from getting everything you dream of. In your corner, always.

Oh, and PS – Whenever you’re ready, I want to help your circus career grow in the BEST way for you!

Here are 3 ways we can do this together:

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