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From Circus Struggles to Thriving Business: How Jess Hoop-Rolled Her Way to Success

Meet Jess, a phenomenal hoop roller who took her circus career from floundering to flourishing.

Her story is one of conquering self-doubt and achieving success through listening deeply to what she truly wanted to do with her creative work and the right kind of support.

Finding Direction with the Selling Circus Program

Jess's career trajectory did a complete 180 when she enrolled in the Selling Circus program. The personalized guidance and encouragement she received helped her gain clarity and focus on what truly mattered.

Through the program, Jess honed a hoop-rolling act that captivated audiences and resonated deeply with her. 

Confidence, Marketing, and Beyond

With newfound confidence and a strategic marketing plan under her belt, Jess started booking more shows, and at much better rates.

But that wasn't all! Jess even landed a dream collaboration with Family Circus, a prestigious variety show in New York City, securing a lasting spot for herself.

For a truly inspiring account of her journey, click below to watch Jess's testimonial video!

"I doubled my income and bookings"

Jess says.

Jess's Inspiration: Self-Belief and Taking Action

Jess's story underscores the importance of believing in yourself and taking initiative. By embracing her unique talent and capitalizing on the Selling Circus Program, she transformed her passion into a thriving career.

Ready to Roll with Your Own Success Story?

If Jess's journey resonates with you, the Selling Circus Program might be just what you need to achieve your circus career goals.

Click here to Apply today and get ready for your own transformation!



You can find Jess here


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