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Skill vs. Niche: Why Circus Performers Need Both to Succeed

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Circus performers are known for their unique abilities: juggling, acrobatics, or tightrope walking, you are certainly full of skills that allow to entertain audiences around the world.

However, in order to stand out in a competitive industry, it's important to understand the difference between a skill and a niche.


I'll define a skill as a specific ability or expertise you possess. It can be learned, developed, and applied across different acts. For example, your skills could be juggling, trapeze, or aerial silks. These can be used in different circus acts and will make you stand out. While having a variety of skills is important for you as a circus performer, it's also important to specialise and develop your niche.


A niche is a specialised segment of an industry that you choose to focus on. It involves identifying a unique need or audience and developing acts that cater for them.

For example, your niche might be fire juggling for music festivals or aerial silk routines for corporate events.

By focusing on a niche, you can become THE expert in that area, creating acts that are tailored to very specific audiences.

You notice by now, the difference between a skill and a niche is that a skill is a specific ability that can be used across all different types of acts, while a niche is a specialized area or segment of our industry that you choose to focus on and develop. While having a variety of skills is important, developing your niche can help you stand out in a crowded market and attract specific types of events and ideal clients.

In conclusion, if you are a circus performer should strive to develop both a variety of skills and a niche in order to succeed in the industry. By combining your unique abilities with a specialised area of focus, you will create acts that are memorable, entertaining, and turn strangers into loyal customers.

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